Evaporating Cutting Fluid for Heavy Glass Plate Fabricator or IG Manufacturers
HP-6613 Glass Cutting Fluid
Quantity Price Per Gallon
2  One Gallon Cans $31.00
6 One Gallon Cans $27.75
20 Gallon Drum $25.00
55 Gallon Drum $23.15

PST cutting fluid is a lower cost high performance cutting fluid which increases glass cutting yields. Our superior quality evaporating cutting fluid quickly penetrates score line which prevents healing and increases glass breakout efficiency.

PST cutting fluid evaporates prior to washing therefore preventing water contamination. PST cutting fluid lubricates the cutting wheel which in turn extends the life of the wheel.

PST cutting fluid is ideal for use in US areas with very warm climates and is lower in price than the German manufactured AceCut Cutting Fluid.

Perfect Score has been involved in the specialty chemicals for years and has coupled their experience with their  affiliated company PTC (Perfect Technology Center), a leader in automated glass cutting, to produce this high quality glass cutting fluid. PST Cutting Fluid costs less than other competitive high performance fluids, such as ACECUT cutting fluids, imported from  Aachener Chemische of Germany, and is an American manufactured product.
Glass Cutting Fluid
HP-5503 Glass Cutting Fluid
Quantity Price Per Gallon
2  One Gallon Cans $30.40
6 One Gallon Cans $27.30
20 Gallon Drum $24.50
30 Gallon Drum $23.70
55 Gallon Drum $22.15
MSDS & Free Test Sample Available.
* All Pricing is FOB Dallas, TX
PST HP-6613, with a flash point of 155 F, slows down evaporation time to enable break out of thicker glass plating making it ideal for glass fabricators requiring high flash point cutting media.
PST HP-5503 cutting fluid is non-marking on coated glass and is PPG approved for use on Sungate & Solarban coated glass and is ideal for glass fabricators and insulated window manufacturers.
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