PST Waterjet Machinery
PST Glass & Glazing Supplies
PST is the manufacturing leader in glass cutting & processing equipment, products & services
PST Glass Machinery
PST Glass Machinery
PST Glass & Glazing Supplies
PST Waterjet Machinery
Perfect Score Technologies (AKA PST, successor to Perfect Technology Center (PTC) and original DBA Perfect Tinning & Chemical) has been in the machine design business since 1969 as a supplier of handling and processing equipment to the glass industry. PST consist of several equipment groups which focus mainly on computer controlled positioning equipment for glass cutting & processing, abrasive & water jet cutting machinery and insulated window assembly equipment.

PST Glass Group services flat glass, specialty and insulated window manufacturers for commercial and residential market segments.  Our full line of equipment includes glass handling and glass processing equipment.  PST is currently the leading U.S. supplier of computer controlled glass cutting lines.  Our CNC systems will score glass at speeds greater than 4500 inches per minute with integrated features such as - automatic free fall loading, automatic feed and glass breakout.  Other support equipment includes - seamers, insulated glass assembly equipment, hydraulic manipulators, storage rack systems and tilt & transfer glass processing tables.  All PST engineering and software development is performed in-house by our highly skilled engineers.

PST Abrasive & Water Jet Group manufacturers high performance, all stainless steel, Water Jet and Abrasive Jet cutting systems.  These systems employ a linear drive technology to achieve cutting speeds of 4000 - 5000 inches per minute in pure water applications such as cutting gaskets, foam and rubber products. Due to their high cutting speeds PST Waterjet Cutting Machines are two to three times more productive than that of our competitors.

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