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Vertical 60" Open Top Glass Washer 100% North American made
Processes single strength thru 1/2" glass thickness without any adjustment
Four ( 4 ) brush model equipped with Low E Brushes
The washer cabinet is 100% made from stainless steel
Hot water pre-wash spray section to wet the glass sheeting before the glass contacts the wash brushes
Individual stainless steel covers with rubber squeegees contain the water in the detergent pre-rinse, detergent brush, rinse brush & spray rinse sections of the washer
Propriety designed 100% stainless steel air knives are used to dry the glass.  100% stainless steel knives assure lifetime delivery of zero contamination drying air
5 HP high pressure drying blower
All Bearings non-lubricated type
Operates on 208, 230 or 460/480 volt, 3 phase power


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