Tilt Top Grid Applicator Table

The PST Tilt Top Grid Table is designed to tilt table top upward 85 degrees to enable the operator to quickly align mutton grids and accurately apply second lite to the first glass lite of an insulated unit.


The superiorly constructed table frame is fabricated from 3" x 2" heavy wall tubular steel and is 100% MIG welded construction. The table is equipped with a filtered plenum air flotation unit to reduce the dust content in the air.  Air flotation flow is reversible to create vacuum hold down feature for securing lite to table during alignment and second lite assembly.


The PST Tilt Top Gird Applicator Table top tilts upward at an 85 degree angle to facilitate the mating assembly of the insulated unit lites. Table tilting is achieved by two hydraulic cylinders. The table top is covered with solid slab arborite hard surface material.  Grids are spaced on 5/8” centers and have been CNC machine cut into top surface material. 

The Tilt Top Grid Applicator Table can be furnished without cut grids if desired. The arborite material is exceptionally durable, more durable than laminated formica tops used on competitive tables, and will not scratch the glass. The table is equipped with a pneumatic pop up alignment stop on the table exit end and with pneumatic cam up alignment and support stops on the front table edge. The superior construction is to insure high reliability of operation and maintenance free operation.


Table is available in the following standard sizes 48” x 84", 60" x 84", 60” x 96”, 84" x 84", 72" x 96", 84" x 96".


The PST Tilt Top Grid Applicator Table has an all MIG Welded base & top frame from heavy wall tubular steel. The tilting top is powered by dual 4” diameter heavy duty hydraulic cylinders.

The table top tilts to maximum angle of 85 degrees and tilting is achieved on dual pillow block bearings. The premium arborite solid slab hard surface top will minimize glass scratching.  Arborite material has superior durability and performance versus laminated covered surfaces.

The PST Tilt Top Grid Applicator Table's Arborite surface top can be provided with or without 5/8” cut grids and is equipped with a 3 HP air flotation/vacuum hold down feature.  Reversing the flow is achieved by pneumatic shifting of the shuttle valve, The table is equipped with dual filter pac for efficient intake air cleaning, pneumatic actuated tilting bottom stops and a pneumatic pop up side stop that can be mounted on either side of the table top.
Full safety circuits for tilting bottom stops, must be in up position before table top can be tilted, and reverse vacuum hold down feature which automatically operates when the table top tilts.

The PST Tilt Top Grid Applicator Table is wired to operate on 230, 460 or 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 hz power ( buyer to specify ) and is finished with  a double coating of premium hammerite enamel paint.

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