Wet/Dry Glass Twin Seamer

The PST Wet/Dry Glass Twin Seamer's heavy duty 1 HP Motors run independently. Motors have oversized stress proof drive shafts for fatigue strength durability. The durable all welded steel frame is fabricated from ¼” plate.

The PST Wet/Dry Glass Twin Seamer is equipped with a short belt throat distance for easy seaming of small lites. The unique back stand idler enables fast and easy belt tracking and take up which makes belt tensioning and tracking exceptionally quick and easy. No lost production time with trial & error manual adjustment of idler. Competitive twin seamers are equipped with back stand idlers which make belt tracking adjustment difficult and time consuming.

The PST Wet/Dry Glass Twin Seamer is painted with highly durable & rust resistant Hammerite enamel.  

The PST Wet/Dry Glass Twin Seamer puts two seamed edges on glass lite in one easy step. It is designed to work with wet belts which sand quicker, last longer and work without dust accumulation. The 4” x 106” wet abrasive belts are fully hooded to keep the working area free from belt spray.

The optional front rest guide roller supports the glass where the belts meet to cut down on operator fatigue.  Separate spray valves control the amount of water to each belt.  The Seamer, when equipped with a dust collector, can be operated in a dry mode.

Footprint size @ 36” wide x 66” high x 48” depth


The PST Wet/Dry Glass Twin Seamer can seam both sides of glass in one step benefiting your operation by saving in both labor and output. The wet twin seamer uses wet abrasive belts that sand quicker, last longer and work without accumulating dust. A 2” gap between belts makes seaming quicker and easier and the short throat distance to the belts makes processing of small glass lites possible.

The PST Wet/Dry Glass Twin Seamer is ideal for tempering plants using a horizontal systems that use a glass washing machine.


Motors:  Two @ 1 HP each, 208, 230 or 480 volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
Weight: 600 pounds
Belts:    Standard 4” x 106 wet abrasive belts available in a variety of grits
Dimensions: 33” wide x 33” length x 34 to 36” adjustable height.
Coating: Hammerite green enamel
Support Equipment: Twin Seamer Ball Caster Extension Table


The PST Ball Caster Table works in conjunction with the Wet/Dry Twin Seamer.  The PST Wet/Dry Glass Twin Seamer makes seaming easy since it supports the weight of the glass, allowing the operator to seam all 4 edges quickly without fatigue.  The table extends 38” away from the operator on both sides of the cutout in order to support glass up to 72” or more in width.   The operator cut out is 14” x 22” and the ball casters are on 6” x 8” or 12” x 12” centers. The Seamer has an all welded construction cutout for the operator and is constructed with neoprene rubber ball casters

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Twin Seamer Sanding Belts
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